Gregory Kivenzor
Founder and Chief Global Strategist

Dr. Gregory Kivenzor is a Founder and Chief Global Strategist at BiFoS, LLC. He is an educator, business leader, and entrepreneur with successful experience in marketing and business development.

Greg holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Sciences, MS in Engineering, and MBA in Global Marketing and Management. He is an innovator with over 50 published papers and international presentations and 15 patented innovations.

Greg has a broad background in technological innovations and new product/service development. He actively applies his skills to build and implement formidable business strategies to enhance market share and improve profitability in B2B, B2C, and B2G market segments. The practical side of implementation includes derived marketing and sales initiatives increasing revenues and profitability.

His extensive experience in market forecasting and cross-cultural communications helped him establish and maintain a dialog with BiFoS customers from America, Europe, and Asia. Throughout his career as an entrepreneur and executive of multinational corporations, he succeeded in uncovering new business opportunities, using strategic analysis for market segmentation, and applying cutting-edge technologies to facilitate business growth. As a leader and communicator, he was instrumental in turning around business units and solving complex technical and organizational problems.

Diversity of professional experience and background helps him to communicate business issues across functional and disciplinary boundaries. As a business professor, Greg develops courses, teaches graduate and undergraduate students, and enjoys dealing with those future business leaders. As a Co-Chair of the 2022 Annual Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science (Monterey, CA), he engaged notable marketing researchers worldwide.

Greg has a comprehensive experience in public speaking. He served as Invited Keynote Speaker at the nationwide and international conferences discussing subjects of international business and interdisciplinary innovation. He holds high qualifications as Advanced Communicator Gold and Competent Leader from Toastmasters International.

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