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Dr. Gregory Kivenzor is a Founder and Chief Global Strategist at BiFoS,
LLC. Greg is an entrepreneur, businessman and educator with broad
background and diverse experience in high tech business.

As Chief Global Strategist, Greg actively develops, communicates and
implements business strategies to enhance market share and improve
profitability of his business customers. Subsequently derived marketing
and sales initiatives help to increase revenues and profitability in B2B, B2C
and B2G market segments. His extensive experience in market forecasting
and cross-cultural communications helped him to establish and maintain a
dialog with BiFoS customers from America, Europe and Asia.
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About Us
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Throughout his career as a manager and executive of multinational corporations he succeeded in
uncovering new business opportunities,  using a strategic approach to growing market segments and
application of the cutting-edge technologies. As a leader and communicator, he was instrumental in
turning around business units and solving sophisticated technical and organizational problems.

Greg holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Studies and MBA in Global Marketing and Management. Diversity of
professional experience and background helps him to communicate business issues across functional
and disciplinary boundaries. As a business professor, Greg develops courses, teaches graduate and
undergraduate students and enjoys dealing with those future business leaders.

Supporting business community, Greg serves as an Guest Editor-in-Chief of the
Special Issue of the
International Journal of Management and Training for Industries (Japan). His professional memberships
include the
Academy of Marketing Science, Academy of International Business, American Marketing
Association and Association for Consumer Research.

Greg conducts research of international business focusing on
emerging markets and interdisciplinary
. He presented research papers, and chaired track and special sessions at the World
Marketing Congresses, a
nd served as Invited Keynote Speaker at international conferences.He has
50 published papers and international presentations, and 15 patented innovations.
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